Why LH Travis?

Located in Winter Haven, LH Travis is a family-owned lubrication systems specialist and a leading supplier of Lincoln Industrial and SKF systems for Central and South Florida. Since 1962, our qualified technicians and high-quality products have set the standard for providing cost-effective solutions for all types of manual lubricationautomatic lubrication and fluid-handling applications. Whether you are looking for a reliable product supplieron-site maintenance or a complete system design, we look forward to assisting you.

Industries That We Serve

We at Rainey Construction feel very honored to have a partnership with LH Travis. We have been doing business for over 15 years with them.  There service and there concerns for are equipment has been outstanding for years.  Their product has saved us more money on our pin and bushing failures then we ever expected.

Mike Weber, Rainey Construction Co

Over the last 10 years we have developed a great partnership with LH Travis. Their dedication to serving our needs in a professional and responsive way is evident in each encounter. We appreciate their detailed approach while working to maintain our fluid management systems and lubrication equipment.

Tim Jewesak, Fleet Management Department

As an operations manager of a Heavy Equipment Sales and Service Dealership, I believe that a crucial part of our mission statement has contributed to our success: it is essential to partner with vendors and suppliers that align with us to be a world-class supplier of our products and services.

For over 20 years the privately owned group that makes up L.H. Travis has been literally embedded in our offerings to our customers. L.H. Travis’s partnership with our company is a part of how we exceed our customers’ expectations. Both of our companies are moving into the next generation of ownership and we look forward to working to be the trusted partner of choice in support of our employees, customers and suppliers: delivering exceptional results.

Larry Perdue, Ring Power Corporation

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