Heavy equipment needs to be regularly lubricated for proper function. But when you rely on workers to apply this lubrication manually, a variety of things can go wrong. Worse, these mistakes can lead to costly downtime and repairs that negatively impact your business. 

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: automatic lubrication systems. The professionals here at LH Travis are deeply familiar with the huge difference automatic lubrication can make for heavy equipment. Let’s take a look at just why this technology is so important. 

The Benefits of Using an Automatic Lubrication System for Heavy Equipment

Manual lubrication may be cost effective in the short term, but it opens your business up to a variety of risks:

  • Manual lubrication can be a safety hazard because it requires workers to climb up or crawl under heavy equipment
  • Workers can lubricate improperly by using the wrong amount of lubricant, the wrong type, or by applying too infrequently, leading to increased wear and tear on equipment. 
  • Manual lubrication requires you to stop operating equipment in order to lubricate, leading to lost productivity
  • Lubricant can be spilled when manually lubricating, leading to increased lubricant use and increased costs. 
  • Manual lubrication leads to shorter machine life compared with automatic lubrication.

Combined, these factors can lead to spending more on repairs and maintenance, and earning less due to productivity loss and unplanned downtime. Plus, it can reduce the lifetime of equipment due to increased wear and tear. 

Automatic lubrication systems solve these problems. They automatically apply the perfect amount of lubricant at the perfect frequency, ensuring equipment is always optimally lubricated. Because lubrication happens automatically, work doesn’t have to be stopped in order to lubricate, increasing productivity. 

With an automatic lubrication system, you’ll dramatically decrease unplanned downtime and repairs. Plus, you’ll ensure your heavy equipment has the longest possible lifespan. As an added bonus, lower lubricant consumption and fewer repairs and maintenance not only save you money, they reduce your environmental impact as well. 

If You Have Heavy Machinery, You Should Be Using an Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic lubrication systems have extensive benefits for heavy equipment, including improved safety and increased productivity. If you’re interested in automatic lubrication systems for your equipment, contact us today and let our lubrication specialists help you.