The food industry needs its machines to keep moving to meet demand, and automatic lubrication systems are the easiest way to make that happen. They keep equipment perfectly lubricated and help prevent contamination. In this article, the LH Travis team will take a closer look at just what makes automatic lubrication systems so crucial for the food industry. 

Preventing Downtime

Perhaps the biggest benefit of automatic lubrication systems for the food industry is preventing downtime. Equipment used in the food industry must run continuously, or nearly continuously, and any problems with the equipment can lead to costly downtime. By ensuring equipment is constantly and perfectly lubricated with an automatic lubrication system, you can significantly reduce downtime to keep equipment running. 

Preventing Lubricant Overuse

Manual lubrication can easily lead to overuse of lubricants. This creates extra costs for food production facilities, both because they’ll need to purchase more lubricant, and also because over-lubrication can lead to faster equipment breakdown. On top of this, over-lubrication can also lead to lubricant escaping the equipment, contaminating food and leading to massive losses for the company. 

With an automatic lubrication system, these concerns are eliminated, because lubrication is always applied in exactly the right amount, eliminating concerns with overuse.

Extending Equipment Lifespan

Critical equipment for food production isn’t cheap, and companies want that investment to last as long as possible. With automatic lubrication, equipment lifespan is extended thanks to being kept well-lubricated at all times. This reduces the need for maintenance, and means automatic lubrication systems can pay for themselves in the money saved

Reducing Labor Costs

Manual lubrication needs to be done by a worker, and requires equipment to be shut down in order to apply. Together, these increase the operation costs of the company due to both the labor costs and the opportunity cost of equipment downtime. Automatic lubrication systems solve this issue, because equipment remains well-lubricated without being shut down or requiring an employee to provide lubrication. 

Automatic Lubrication: The Food Industry’s Secret Weapon

Automatic lubrication systems are a massive boon for the food industry. They reduce costs and increase efficiency, thanks to eliminating the need for manual lubrication and reducing downtime. Plus, it helps prevent contamination due to over-lubrication. Want to know more about automatic lubrication systems? Contact the LH Travis team today to learn what we can do for you.