Improper Lubrication Eats Up Time And Money

Food and beverage processing equipment must withstand extreme conditions like frequent wash-downs, high temperatures and greater risks of contamination.

More than 50 percent of bearing failures are the direct result of improper lubrication—a major cause of equipment downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs in today’s workplace. The majority of failures are caused by: contamination of bushings by dirt, dust, and moisture; inadequate amounts of lubricant applied to bearings; or over-lubrication of the bearings.

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Investing in an automatic lubrication system today has long-term benefits for the future. 

  • Improve bearing life by applying small measured amounts of lubricant more often
  • Increase productivity by lubricating while machinery is running—no downtime
  • Reduce energy cost due to improved lubrication and less friction
  • Reduce maintenance cost due to fewer breakdowns caused by bearing failures
  • Eliminate labor for manual lubrication
  • Reduce lubricant cost by precisely applying measured amount of lubricant
  • Improve housekeeping by eliminating over-lubrication and chance for spills
  • Improve safety by eliminating the need to climb on, over, and under equipment for manual lubrication