Hard-working heavy equipment needs to have the right lubrication to keep it functioning properly.

Construction equipment gets put through some tough conditions, especially here in Central Florida. The heat, the humidity, the sand, and the constant relocation from site to site can have a negative impact on heavy machinery, and that’s not even considering the wear and tear from the actual work that it does. At LH Travis, we urge all of our friends and associates responsible for the maintenance of construction equipment to ensure that the lubrication systems are in good working order and that appropriate lubrication is being applied on a regular basis. This will help prevent unexpected breakdowns, lost time and increased repair costs.

Protecting Construction Equipment
When considering what type of lubrication system and lubricant is suitable for any piece of equipment, you must consider the viscosity of the lubricant. Viscosity refers to the thickness and stickiness of a lubricant. The equipment manual should tell you the appropriate viscosity for use with that particular machine. 

Viscosity is affected by temperature, and a thicker oil will have more trouble flowing through the equipment. Heat will make the oil or grease thinner, however, which is something to keep in mind when operating machinery in a climate like Central Florida’s, where high temperatures tend to be the norm. If you’re not sure what viscosity is appropriate for a particular piece of equipment, give LH Travis a call for advice. 

The right lubricant will resist thermal and oxidative breakdown, which can occur when the lubricant is exposed to oxygen or certain metals or compounds at high temperatures. Oxidation of the lubricant can result in increased viscosity or the formation of corrosive acids or sludge. This will negatively affect a lubricant’s ability to adequately protect the machinery.

LH Travis Can Check Your Equipment
When your construction equipment needs lubrication systems installed, LH Travis can perform the installation on your schedule, at your site. We can even train your maintenance technicians on proper usage, and your personnel can work alongside our technicians during the installation process. Just give us a call at 1-800-628-7481 to schedule a consultation.