Do you know how to get the most life out of your equipment? 

If you utilize grease guns to apply lubrication to your machinery, it’s important to handle them correctly to get the maximum longevity from them. LH Travis has some tips for the proper usage and storage of your grease guns so you can get the most out of them.

Handle With Care

  • Storage: Let’s start with what to do with the grease gun when it’s not in use. Store the item horizontally in a clean, fireproof cabinet. Take the plunger out of the tube for storage. This prevents overexertion of the spring and plunger. Also, if the base oil and grease begin to separate, this will at least keep the two evenly distributed within the tube. 
  • Cleaning: Keep your grease guns clean by protecting the grease that goes into them from contamination. Once a grease gun becomes too dirty, too clean, or no longer functions properly, discard it to avoid cluttering up your workspace and posing any safety risks. 
  • Labeling: Dedicate each grease gun to one specific grease. Calibrate each grease gun by slowly pumping 10 pumps of grease onto a scale and dividing that weight by 10 to get the average volume per pump. Label the gun with the average pump volume and calibration date, and update that every 12 months.
  • Proper Care: To use the grease gun appropriately, always ensure that the correct point is being lubricated at the right time and with the right lubricant. After removing any grease fitting cap, clean the grease fitting with a lint-free cloth. Check for damage, and if all looks good, then remove the purge plug and connect the gun’s coupling to the grease fitting before slowly pumping the prescribed amount of grease into the bearing. Always be aware of any back pressure and do not proceed if it is excessive. 

LH Travis can check your equipment anytime you are concerned that there is an issue. Grease guns utilize high pressure, so please don’t risk injury by forcing application or trying to use damaged equipment.

Any Questions?
If this information has left you with any specific questions, you are welcome to contact  LH Travis. We are happy to help you make the best use of your equipment.