Project Description

When you’re on the job site, any equipment failure can push your entire project behind schedule.

Construction companies, mining industries, and municipalities are constantly under pressure to save money, increase productivity and make every investment in heavy equipment last longer. Since tight schedules, demanding customers and Mother Nature never seem to make things easier, equipment managers have to find ways to lower costs and improve efficiencies through better equipment maintenance practices.

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Common Heavy Equipment Using Automatic Lubrication Systems

Loaders, excavators, trucks, dozers, graders, backhoes, skid steers, recyclers, soil stabilizers, compactors, pavers, hammers, shears, grapples and many more. Unplanned downtime can be costly in terms of replacement parts as well as lost production, so don’t neglect the stationary equipment in your plants. This includes processing equipment such as loaders, crushers, conveyors, drillers, rotary kilns, bucket elevators, pedestal breakers, shaker screens, and more.

Common Heavy Equipment Using Automatic Lubrication Systems

  • Improve pin and bushing life by applying small measured amounts of lubricant more often while the machine is in motion
  • Increase productivity by lubricating while machinery is running – no downtime
  • Improve safety by eliminating the need to climb on, over, and under equipment for manual lubrication
  • Increase residual value

Unplanned Downtime Can Be Seriously Costly

  • Eliminate labor for manual lubrication
  • Reduce lubricant cost by precisely applying measured amount of lubricant
  • Eliminate contamination due to over lubrication
  • Improve housekeeping by eliminating over lubrication and chance for spills
  • Reduce maintenance cost due to fewer breakdowns caused by pin and bushing failures