Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your equipment in proper working order. Two different and effective styles of maintenance are proactive and predictive maintenance. But how are they different, and can you do both at once? Let’s take a closer look. 

What Is Predictive Maintenance?
Over time, a lubricated machine can experience subtle wear that eventually will create problems. With predictive maintenance, the goal is to detect the signs of these problems as early as possible. This often involves using data analysis and condition monitoring equipment to forecast future problems, allowing for maintenance to be carried out before failure occurs. 

What Is Proactive Maintenance?
Unlike predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance works to prevent issues before they occur. This is done via regular scheduled inspection and maintenance, ensuring that equipment is always at peak performance and taking care of the root causes of potential issues. 

How Proactive and Predictive Maintenance Complement Each Other
With proactive and predictive maintenance, you don’t just have to do one or the other. In fact, using both in tandem is highly effective for a few reasons:

  • Enhanced reliability: Proactive maintenance ensures all equipment is regularly serviced and maintained, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. Meanwhile, predictive maintenance helps identify specific areas or components needing attention, further minimizing downtime and failures. 
  • Cost efficiency: Proactive maintenance is effective but can lead to over-maintenance. Predictive maintenance allows for more targeted maintenance, reducing unnecessary labor and maintenance costs. 
  • Data-driven decision making: Predictive maintenance allows you to gather valuable data that can inform your proactive maintenance schedule. 
  • Optimal Performance: Proactive maintenance keeps machines in good general health over the long term, while predictive maintenance fine tunes upkeep by addressing specific issues. 

Proactive and Predictive Maintenance: A Perfect Pair
By using both proactive and predictive maintenance in your facilities, you can greatly improve reliability and reduce downtime. Looking for guidance on how to best maintain your lubricated equipment? Contact LH Travis today to talk to our experts.