The experts here at LH Travis can’t overstate how imperative it is that lubrication tasks be carefully planned and monitored in order to preserve optimal efficiency of equipment. So let’s take a look at a relatively recent innovation that can easily improve the efficiency of regreasing systems. 

Ultrasound Monitoring Systems 

Even if you’ve got a good system in place for maintenance and lubrication procedures, chances are there is still room for improvement when it comes to efficiency and productivity. You might have the frequency of regreasing accurate according to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer, but there could be other factors specific to your worksite that affect the actual ideal frequency.

At LH Travis, one question we commonly get is about determining precisely when grease should be applied to a point, and in exactly what quantity. 

Ultrasound monitoring systems can provide relevant data instantly as to exactly which bearings need to be lubricated. This information allows technicians to apply the right amount of lubricant at the right time and avoid overlubricating any point. By utilizing this approach, downtime is minimized and equipment wear and tear is reduced.

Combining ultrasound monitoring with automated regreasing and remote feedback makes the lubrication process quick and easy. These systems can be utilized while equipment is in operation, further reducing the need for scheduled downtime to perform lubrication tasks. Safety is also increased by removing the need for technicians to access potentially hazardous areas of the equipment. 

LH Travis Has the Answers

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