Any time you have questions about your equipment’s lubrication needs, LH Travis is here to answer them. We believe that a properly lubricated machine is an efficient machine. When choosing a lubricant, there is one characteristic that always deserves primary consideration: viscosity.

Why Is Viscosity So Important?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what viscosity indicates. Basically, it means how thick or thin a lubricant is. Viscosity is a major factor in any lubricant’s performance. Let’s take a look at how viscosity can impact a machine’s function.

  • Reduce friction. The main role of almost any industrial lubricant is to reduce friction. Metal-on-metal contact can create heat and wear components down quickly. A lubricant’s viscosity will impact how long the protective barrier it creates between parts will last.
  • Heat generation. Some heat is going to be created by the moving parts in machinery – it’s unavoidable. However, the viscosity of the lubricant can help to reduce that heat and contribute to maintaining an appropriate temperature for the equipment.
  • Stress handling. Lubricant viscosity affects the load-carrying capacity of a system, or how much stress it can withstand. The protective film between moving parts created by a lubricant protects the machinery and increases its load-carrying capacity.
  • Efficiency. Ultimately, the goal of any lubricant is to optimize the efficiency of your machinery. If an oil is too thin, it may not be effective as a protective film. If the lubricant is too thick, it can create an internal resistance that reduces a machine’s efficiency.

If you have any questions regarding your equipment’s lubrication needs, LH Travis is happy to help you out.

Beyond Viscosity

Viscosity is often considered the most important characteristic of a lubricant, but there are many other factors to consider also. The pros at LH Travis are familiar with a wide range of industrial lubricants and their properties, so we’ll be able to recommend the best choice of oil or grease for any equipment you work with.