LH Travis specializes in industrial lubrication equipment, so we have a variety of different systems available to suit your specific requirements. One type of system that is pretty common is the single-point lubricator system. 

What Is a Single-Point Lubricator?
A single-point lubricator is a type of device designed to automatically deliver measured amounts of clean lubricant at regular intervals to a certain area. Most of the single-point lubricators installed by LH Travis are set to lubricate bearings, but they are also used to provide lubrication to things like pumps, chains, conveyors, fans, motors, and more. 

There are a few different types of single-point lubricators.

  • Spring-loaded grease cups are an older design. They use a spring-loaded plunger to slowly dispense grease into a bearing. They range in volume, size, and pressure capability, but they are not recommended for environments where there is a wide variation in temperature.
  • Single-point piston-activated lubricators consist of a cylinder that contains a pressure generator, a piston, liquid electrolyte, and a lubricant chamber. These are also known as electrochemical or gas lubricators. A rubber bladder is filled with an electrolyte solution that produces a gas to create pressure within the bladder to push on the piston, which then discharges the lubricant. Once the lubricant is depleted, a new lubricator is installed. 
  • Precise-metering single-point lubricators work best for precision points. It consists of an electromechanical drive, a liquid-crystal display (LCD), and a lubricant cartridge. These devices dispense a specific amount of lubricant when activated electrically and can be set on a timer.
  • Vibration-activated single-point lubricators are fairly advanced. A vibration sensor is set into an electromechanical lubricator, allowing it to lubricate machinery during times of peak operation only.
  • Positive-displacement single-point lubricators are a modern invention. It is an electromechanical lubricator that operates on a battery or direct-power motor. A major draw here is that these lubricators are temperature independent, so they are great for precision discharge.

LH Travis Has You Covered
No matter what type of lubrication equipment your machinery requires, LH Travis can get you set up with what you need. Just give us a call to schedule an inspection.