When you work with machinery, you understand the importance of lubrication for proper functioning. Not only does it reduce friction, but it also protects against corrosion and contamination that can damage equipment. Bearing failure is the number one cause of unwanted downtime, and the biggest cause of bearing failure is improper lubrication. Don’t let such a simple thing slow you down – LH Travis is here to help you preserve the efficiency of the machines you rely on.

Three Effects of Lubrication on Bearings
Lubricant’s main function is to reduce friction between bearing components and other components, like the spindle or axle. A lack of lubricant leads to excessive friction and heat, which can cause bearing failure and destruction of seals, balls, or raceways.

Lubricant also provides a barrier that keeps contaminants out. This could be water, salt, sand, or organic debris. If a bearing seal becomes damaged by debris, lubricant can seep out, allowing more contamination in, in addition to allowing excessive friction to occur. 

Finally, bearing lubrication also helps provide stabilization for bearing structures so that they can withstand varying loads and pressures. The amount of stabilization gained from lubrication will depend on what substance is used, be it oil, grease, or a synthetic lubricant. 

No matter what type of lubricant you use, LH Travis knows the best way to make sure it is applied. We can install a system that will make lubrication easy and cost-effective for your company. 

Call LH Travis Before You Need Us
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