LH Travis provides services to a variety of different industries, and within each industry, the equipment used requires a variety of different lubrication systems and products. If you aren’t familiar with the various uses and types of industrial lubricants, it can be a confusing task to choose the correct product for your needs. Here’s a quick primer on the main types of lubricants.

4 Types of Lubricant
When you work with as many types of machines as we do at LH Travis, you get a good idea of what lubricant is required by what equipment. The four main types of lubricants that we deal with are as follows:

  1. Oil. Oil is a thin liquid, available in various viscosities (“weights”), sometimes with additives to prevent corrosion or oxidation. The lower the weight number, the thinner the oil. Oil is used on hinges, bearings, blade sharpening, and tool maintenance. It’s great for when you need to add lubricant to a small space, but make sure the area is clean, or the oil will get gummy and increase friction. Oil is not good for areas that will get wet, as water will wash the oil away.
  2. Grease. Grease is produced by mixing oil with a thickener (such as a lithium-based soap) and sometimes other additives. It lubricates like oil, but is stickier and thicker, so will adhere to surfaces better. Grease works great on gears, chains, linkages, and bearings. It will help seal out dust particles and water droplets. Fast-moving or fine parts, however, can be slowed down by the additional resistance of grease though.
  3. Dry lubricant. In situations where oil or grease could attract dirt and dust, dry lubricant can be a solution. Dry lubricant is made of tiny particles, like graphite, that are very slippery. It is mixed with a solvent so it can be applied via spray. This is good for hinges, locks, and threaded rods, and other tiny parts or areas that will be exposed to high heat or pressure.
  4. Penetrating lubricant. Built-up debris or rust calls for a penetrating lubricant. It also removes adhesives. This type of lubricant should never replace the appropriate oil or grease in a machine and can damage a machine if used on bearings. 

LH Travis Can Answer Your Question
Any time you have questions about your lubricant systems, you can call and consult the pros at LH Travis. You can reach us during normal business hours at (863) 967-0628.