Agricultural operations have specific needs when it comes to their lubrication systems because of their environment. At LH Travis, we make it a point to understand the different requirements of various industries so we can offer the best solutions for the challenges they face.

Lubricating Farm Equipment
Florida growers face plenty of challenges without adding equipment failure due to inadequate lubrication to the list. That’s why LH Travis always works to customize the automatic lubrication systems we install to the individual client’s specifications.

As an essential industry, farms and ranches can’t just shut down when the equipment fails. The best way to prevent this is to invest in a high-quality lubricant from a trusted brand. This often requires a bit more investment up front, but will save money in the long run when machinery runs more efficiently and reliably, and costly repairs are prevented. A superior engine oil can prevent corrosion and oxidation while improving efficiency by reducing friction and the buildup of deposits.

Agriculture is intrinsically tied to weather conditions as well. Heat, humidity, flooding, high winds, and more can create unfavorable circumstances for equipment that is constantly exposed to the elements. A heavy-duty lubricant should be used. A grease that provides resistance to oxidation and a protective barrier to prevent contamination from rain or solid debris is called for. A good grease will be thick enough to provide constant lubrication where needed.

Using the right lubricant in a wet brake system creates a safer and more comfortable work experience when operating tractors, harvesters, and other farm vehicles. Premium gear and transmission oils will add years to the service life of farming machinery.

When in Doubt, Call LH Travis
LH Travis is your local source for everything you need to keep equipment running smoothly on your farm, ranch, or grove. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding proper lubrication of your machines.