At LH Travis, we often emphasize the value of automatic lubrication systems by highlighting the important role that appropriate lubrication practices play in reducing machine failure and unexpected downtime. However, we understand that the initial investment may appear cost prohibitive in some cases. We’d like to assure you that every penny you spend on one of our systems will come back quickly in repair cost savings.

The Bottom Line
If you need to demonstrate value for budgetary purposes before making a purchase for your operation, LH Travis can help you create a thorough analysis.

The first thing to do is to record the costs currently associated with machine maintenance processes, including labor costs, electrical costs, production costs, and the cost of time lost to downtime. It can be helpful to track these costs over time to note any patterns.

When a lubrication-related issue is noticed, perform an amp draw to determine power usage before and after correcting that problem. This can demonstrate how small problems can add up to large sums of money quickly if not attended to in a timely manner.

Tally those extra expenditures related to machine performance issues and associated downtime, and compare those costs over time to the cost of installing just one automatic lubrication system from LH Travis. It should be clearly evident that paying for repairs is eating up funds unnecessarily.

Once you’ve committed to installing one automatic lubrication system, continue to track the expenses as before. You’ll see the savings reflected in the data in terms of increased productivity and reduced repair costs and labor expenses. Once you have the numbers in hand, it’s easy to see the economic value of these systems.

Call for a Consultation
Give LH Travis a call to schedule a consultation. We’ll evaluate your processes and give you our recommendations for what systems and products are best suited to your needs.