At LH Travis, we regularly emphasize how important it is to use the Right lubricant in the Right volume at the Right time, in the Right place, by the Right method. This will save your equipment and your money in the long run. However, we understand that it can seem costly at first to invest in a number of different lubricants for your various machines. Consolidation is a key concept in many cost-cutting measures pursued by industrial companies. 

Consolidating Wisely
When looking to consolidate the lubricants used by your operation, use caution to avoid going too far. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to lubrication because the different functions and operating conditions of the machinery will require different characteristics in the lubricant used.

Greases that are labeled “multipurpose” can be especially confusing during consolidation efforts. Originally, this term was used primarily to indicate that a particular grease formulation was suitable for use in both wheel bearings and chassis applications. Nowadays, the word “multipurpose” gets applied to such a wide range of products that it’s impossible to assess the lubricant’s actual properties based on that one word.

Understand that “multipurpose” does not mean “all-purpose.” While oils tend to be carefully considered to ensure that each one stocked on-site has the appropriate qualities for the intended tasks, greases are more often overlooked when it comes to their additives and chemical properties. 

Greases are just as complex as oils and should be as thoroughly analyzed. Viscosity can vary among different types of grease, and this alone can dramatically affect the effectiveness of the product once applied. A few specifications to consider when choosing greases for your equipment are: 

  • Base oil type
  • Base oil viscosity 
  • Dropping point
  • Pumpability
  • Rust protection
  • Thickener type
  • Oxidation stability

If you have questions about a specific lubricant’s suitability for your needs, you can always contact LH Travis.

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