The railroad industry is a key component of commerce, as it is still among the most efficient ways of transporting materials and goods across great distances. With many companies relying on trains to deliver necessary shipments, it becomes imperative that railway systems maintain a high level of effective service. LH Travis recognizes the importance of automatic lubrication in such a high-stress environment.

Railways Can’t Gamble With ‘Maybes’

One of the ongoing challenges of maintaining railways has been the increased level of wear that occurs on heavily loaded tracks and tight curves. In dry weather, these parts of the track can produce the ear-piercing screeching and squealing that makes railways unpopular in some areas. 

LH Travis suggests making use of the EasyRail on-board systems offered by SKF for wheel flange lubrication and top-of-rail conditioning. These types of system are generally mounted on the first leading vehicle axle and tend to be very flexible and easy to use thanks to a variety of setting options.

Wayside lubrication systems are another option for rail maintenance. These systems apply a controlled, consistent amount of lubricant to the rail, which is then carried across around a track curve by the wheels of a passing train. 

High-viscous lubricants and friction modifiers are used in these systems to reduce the amount of noise produced as well as the degree of wear on the tracks.

These automatic lubrication systems make it much easier and safer to conduct maintenance activities on busy railway system components, which results in transport schedules being more consistently adhered to. This is beneficial to railway operators, the clients waiting on goods and materials to be transported, and the consumers who will ultimately receive the end products.

LH Travis Keeps the Trains On Time

At LH Travis, we do our part to keep the nation’s economy on the right track by providing valuable services and products to help railway systems operate at maximum efficiency.