As technology advances, those who don’t keep are in danger of being left behind. This
is true in many industries, as data-driven technology improves efficiency in a number of
ways. At LH Travis, we understand that it can be a challenge to stay abreast of the most
recent trends when it comes to technology, so we’re going to explain how data
technology can actually improve your lubrication routine.
By the Numbers
Switching out old methods and equipment for more up-to-date technology requires an
investment of time and resources, so LH Travis wants to help you understand some of
the more valuable assets that you might consider incorporating.

1. Start with critical equipment. You can start small by installing sensors
connected to wireless networks to monitor the fluid levels, flow, and pressure
differential of lubrication points in your most vital machines. Such systems allow
remote monitoring, thereby saving time spent physically checking these points
throughout a work shift.
2. Check lubricant quality. The next thing to consider implementing is a system of
in-line sensors that can perform real-time oil analysis. This enables maintenance
techs to step in to correct a problem before a breakdown occurs. Further analysis
of trends can indicate where contaminants are entering the system so
appropriate corrective action can be taken.
3. Technician alerts. Systems that utilize machine learning and AI can be
connected to create a layered approach to maintenance that uses collected data
to alert technicians to deviations from the desired range of operating parameters.
This type of communication between machines and human workers creates a
more effective system for maintaining smooth operation of equipment.

Upgrading Equipment with LH Travis
If your equipment could stand to be updated but you’re not sure where to start, let the
experts at LH Travis take a look. We’ll come to your site and perform an assessment
and consultation to let you know how your lubrication systems could be improved
without pushing unnecessary equipment on you.