At LH Travis, our lubrication system specialists are here to help your business run more efficiently. Installing an automatic lubrication system on your machinery is a great way to keep your business running smoothly, so you don’t have to stop for unnecessary repairs or errant leaks. We’ll explain in today’s blog exactly how this solution can benefit your machines. For more information on the systems and tech we use, visit our blog

  • Increase Speed and Efficiency
    Automatic lubrication systems help drastically increase your production’s speed and efficiency in a variety of ways. By reducing the maintenance and monitoring time needed to be spent on the machines, your operators can spend their time doing other more important tasks. Having a well-regulated lubrication system also helps machines run quicker and smoother, reducing downtime.
  • Prevent Unnecessary Wear and Tear
    Our systems are built with filtering systems in place to prevent a buildup of impurities in the oil. These impurities, when not monitored and controlled, will cause your machines to not only slow down, but also wear down and require more maintenance over time.
  • Beat the Heat
    Machines produce great amounts of heat through friction, but when they’re properly and automatically oiled, you’re reducing that friction and cooling the machine down. This, again, helps prevent downtime, and can target overheated parts of the machine.
  • Upgrade Your Monitoring System
    Automatic lubrication systems come with extensive monitoring so you don’t have to check temperatures, filters, or oil levels unnecessarily. Lighten your workload by taking the extra steps out of the workday. Learn more about taking this step on our website.
  • Stop Leaks at the Start
    Our professional automatic lubrication systems keep the oil exactly where it’s supposed to go – and nowhere else. You can rely on this leakproof system to create a sealed bond among parts of the machinery, ensuring no mess.

Trust LH Travis with your automatic lubrication system install. We handle everything from start to finish, and can answer any questions you have about the systems, maintenance, and installation. Visit our website to get started and contact us today