You may be wondering whether a manual or an automatic lubrication system is right for your needs. Typically manual systems will have a lower startup cost, but they will be associated with higher labor costs. Automatic systems can help you save time and money in the long run, but have higher startup costs. We’ll present your options in today’s blog from LH Travis. For more information, visit our website

  • Choose Your Lubricant
    Not every lubrication is created equal, and some are designed to work better with a manual system vs. an automatic system. Picking a lubricant should be the first step in your decision process. If you’re installing an automatic lubrication system, it’s important to analyze your lubricant choice and ensure it meets the correct parameters. Our skilled technicians can help you determine what’s best for your machinery and system.
  • Decide on a Maintenance Strategy
    Would you rather trust your technician to regularly oil the machine at the correct point with the correct oil at the specified time, or would you rather your technician focus on other tasks and leave the lubrication to be done automatically by the system? Using a manual system, human error can make it possible to over or under-oil depending on what the technician sees. Stretching the amount of time between oiling is also a dangerous game to play, and it can easily happen when understaffed. However, automatic lubrication systems still do require frequent inspections to monitor oil levels and perform preventative maintenance.
  • Weigh the Initial Investment
    When deciding between a manual and automatic system, it’s important to consider the whole picture. There’s a higher startup cost for an automatic system (that can vary greatly depending on a host of factors), but if your machine breaks due to poor maintenance on a manual machine, it’s more than worth it. Additionally, consider the higher labor costs that come with a manual machine and the training needed to operate it correctly.
  • Consider Environmental Factors
    Automatic lubrication systems are the front-runner here, as it’s much safer to dispose of collected waste fewer times overall than to have to manage that disposal process, potentially in dangerous areas, each time from various points on the machine.

At LH Travis, we’re here to help you with your automatic lubrication needs no matter the industry. Visit our website to learn more about our services