As technology in every industry becomes more advanced, the topic of automation is one that causes many people concern. A lot of folks are understandably concerned that increased automation could put actual people out of work. On the flip side, however, labor shortages have been a more serious problem recently. Here’s how we see things at LH Travis.

Automation and Industry
A recent study found that about two-thirds of company executives reported being affected by current labor shortages. The problem then becomes an issue of productivity. The work still needs to be done, and people’s needs aren’t decreasing. So how do companies plan on providing the same level of service when they can’t increase their staff?

Automation is the answer many decision makers are turning to, and we at LH Travis can see the benefit of doing so. Automating systems where possible isn’t putting people out of work, it’s decreasing the stress on overworked teams.

Artificial intelligence and robotic components are streamlining processes that used to be tediously time-consuming, freeing employees to focus on the tasks that require human attention, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Tasks such as data entry, transporting heavy pallets across warehouses, creating quotes for customers, taking customer orders, and more can now easily be delegated to automated systems, creating a more efficient process in which employees are empowered to focus on the tasks that call for their specific skills and talents. The goal of automation isn’t to replace humanity, but instead to maximize our creative potential.

On the other hand, it’s important to realize that automation can, in fact, be beneficial, such as in the case of automatic lubrication systems. Automation can take over tasks that you don’t have time to do — or the bandwidth to remember to do — taking one more thing off your plate. The end result is the knowledge that required maintenance and procedures will get done without you or your team having to fuss with it. 

LH Travis Combines Automation with Old-Fashioned Know-How
While LH Travis specializes in the installation, operation, and maintenance of automatic lubrication systems, we couldn’t do what we do without a team of highly skilled, professionally trained and certified human technicians. While we appreciate the benefits of automation, rest assured that we’ll always have real people available to provide assistance.