Automatic lubrication systems are ideal for providing consistent lubrication for your equipment. In order for your system to properly lubricate, you’ll need to periodically refill the pump and reservoir with lubricant. Let’s take a look at the different ways this can be accomplished. Want to know more about automatic lubrication systems? Learn from the experts at LH Travis. 

Methods for Refilling Automatic Lubrication Systems

Your unit will come with a lubrication fitting that you will use to refill the reservoir. There are a few different methods to do so.

Refilling With a Cartridge Unloader

A cartridge unloader is one of the simplest methods for refilling and is ideal for smaller units and pumps in hard-to-reach locations. 

To operate one:

  1. Remove the plug and retainer from the top and insert the grease cartridge.
  2. Replace the retainer.
  3. Thread the press onto the fitting.
  4. Grab the piston and push it in to empty the grease into the reservoir.
  5. Repeat until full.

Refilling With a Manual or Electric Grease Gun

Grease guns are commonly used for manual lubrication, but they can also be used to refill your lubrication system’s reservoir. 

To refill your reservoir with a grease gun:

  1. Load the grease cartridge into the gun.
  2. Connect the coupler onto the fitting on an angle to reduce wear. Ensure both are clean. 
  3. Empty the cartridge into the reservoir. Repeat until full.
  4. Remove the coupler from the fitting, again on an angle.

Refilling with an Air Operated Grease Drum Pump

When compressed air and an air hose are available, this is the ideal refilling method. It utilizes an air-operated pump mounted directly to a refinery container. A hose then connects to a high-pressure control valve. 

To refill with this method:

  1. Connect the control valve to the grease fitting the same as for the grease gun method. 
  2. Press the trigger to pump grease into the reservoir until full. 
  3. Disconnect the coupler from the fitting at an angle.
  4. Disconnect the air pressure line, being sure to bleed remaining pressure back into the drum or other container.

Still Confused? We Can Help!

Cartridge unloaders, grease guns, and air operated grease drum pumps are all effective ways to refill your lubrication system’s reservoir.  If you’re interested in automatic lubrication systems for your equipment, contact us today and let our specialists help.