Viscosity is often the benchmark by which industrial lubricants are judged in terms of their suitability for a particular application as well as their continued effectiveness while in use. But viscosity is not the only aspect of a lubricant that should be considered. At LH Travis, we want you to get the most appropriate oil or grease for your machinery every time, so today we want to talk about additives.

What Makes Additives Important?
Basically, lubricant additives are the organic or inorganic substances that are added to an oil for various purposes. Additives may comprise anywhere from 0.1 to 30 percent of a lubricant’s total volume. 

There are three primary functions of additives in oil.

  • Boost the natural properties of the base oil. Antioxidants, antifoam and demulsifying agents, and corrosion inhibitors can enhance an oil’s existing abilities.
  • Negate detrimental oil properties. Viscosity index improvers and pour-point depressants can suppress the undesirable attributes of a given lubricant.
  • Provide new powers. There are additives that give oil all new characteristics, like detergents, metal deactivators, and tackiness agents.

More Isn’t Always Better
Despite the amazing benefits that oil lubricants can provide, the right ratio is important to maximizing those benefits. The chemicals that additives are composed of are typically on the pricey side, and at LH Travis we value the dollar as much as you do.

Adding more of any particular substance to a lubricant can have effects that range from simply costing you more cash to actually counteracting the desired effect of the additive. Too much of one chemical may also cause a decline in the effectiveness of another additive present in the mixture. Getting the proportions right in a lubricant is truly a science unto itself.

Don’t Play Guessing Games!
LH Travis has Central Florida’s best trained lubrication equipment technicians on hand. Eliminate the guesswork and make sure your company’s equipment matches your lubrication needs, just give us a call.