It’s easy to keep doing things the same way they’ve “always” been done, but sometimes we need to update to keep up with changes in technology. While it can be uncomfortable at first, especially when a financial input is required, many times updating equipment will save time and money in the long run. This is why LH Travis encourages companies to consider investing in a customized automatic lubrication system.

Money Talks – Are You Listening?
One thing we see all too often at LH Travis is plant managers and other decision makers spending too much money on equipment repairs and not enough on preventative maintenance programs. This is just poor planning.

Maintaining machinery is a lot like keeping yourself healthy. If you begin a regimen of daily exercise and a suitable diet early in life and keep with it over the years, making adjustments as necessary when new information about your health becomes available, then you’re more likely to live a long life that is relatively unmarred by major health problems.

Similarly, if you adopt a lubrication program early on in a machine’s operation, you can prevent a great deal of mechanical failure that may occur over time if you don’t have the right maintenance procedures in place. Bearing failure is one of the most common causes of equipment malfunctions and is most often caused by poor lubrication.

Investing the capital necessary to establish an appropriate lubrication program will provide long-term yields, and the sooner you get started with that program, the more money you’ll ultimately save on repairs and delays in production. It’s a lot like investing in a retirement account. If you sock away a lump sum in your 20s, then the interest it gains over the next four decades will be significantly more than that which can accrue if you wait until you’re 50 to start a savings account.

Invest Early for Long-Term Yields
If you’re not sure what you need to do to improve the health of your equipment, give LH Travis a call. We can educate you on your options to install an optimal lubrication system at the best price possible. Don’t wait for another breakdown to consider upgrading your maintenance programs!