Lubrication is crucial. It safeguards equipment from friction, wear, and overheating while also preventing corrosion and contamination. Due to that, it’s no surprise that lubrication is essential in a wide range of industries. The pros here at LH Travis, who work with a wide range of industries, know this better than anyone. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the many industries and how they use lubrication. 


Lubricants in aerospace are essential for protection against the high amount of friction used in aircraft engines, as well as other applications. Lubricants for aerospace need to be formulated to withstand the complex conditions of operation, such as high and low pressure and large temperature fluctuations.


In the marine industry, lubricants help protect against the extremely heavy friction boat engines operate under. In addition to lubrication for boat engines, lubrication is also essential for equipment used in container harbor ports, such as cranes. These lubricants need to withstand high and low temperatures, saltwater, and rain. 


Just like a normal passenger car, vehicles in motorsports need adequate lubrication for the engine and other moving parts. But unlike your car at home, these vehicles experience extreme stress, heat, and pressure due to the extreme speeds they race at. Due to that, proper use of cutting edge lubricants is essential for performance. 


Modern mining relies on a variety of highly sophisticated equipment, often under extreme temperature conditions with a high risk of contamination. By using high quality lubricants, this equipment is protected from contamination from dust and other materials, damage from excessive heat, and more, helping ensure reliability and performance. 

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers use a variety of equipment to automate production. These machines need proper lubrication to keep operations running without interruption. But unlike in many other industries, special care must be taken to use lubricants that are recognized as safe and nontoxic.



Farmers use a variety of equipment, from harvesters to sprayers to balers and much much more, in order to be able to produce enough food to feed us all. That equipment works out in the field under high workloads, so proper lubrication is absolutely essential to keep them running. 

We Solve Problems No Matter the Industry

Lubrication is key to keeping essential equipment performing. From aerospace to mining and beyond, a vast range of industries rely on lubrication for their day to day operations. Need lubrication solutions for your operations? Contact the pros at LH Travis to see how we can help.