Single-point lubricators can be terrific assets on your jobsite, but you need to use them correctly.

Here at LH Travis, we have discussed the various types of single-point lubricators and the benefits of each. If you have determined that a single-point lubricator is the best choice for your needs, we’d like to offer some tips on how to get the most out of this equipment. 

Proper Use of Single-Point Lubricators
First and foremost, LH Travis would like to emphasize the importance of proper lubrication for your machines. This is essential for any equipment to function at maximum efficiency with minimal downtime due to breakdowns. To that end, we offer the following reminders.

  • Ensure that the single-point lubricator that you are using is designed to meet the lubricating needs of that point as well as the electrical area classification where it is installed.
  • Always use the correct lubricant. If you are not sure about what you need, the pros at LH Travis can help you make the best choice for your equipment.
  • Make sure all bearings are adequately lubricated. Under-lubrication can result in excessive friction and heat, causing damage to equipment.
  • Over-lubrication, on the other hand, will not solve any problems. In fact, it can also cause an increase in temperature and bearing failure. There should be enough empty space in the bearing’s housing to accommodate the lubricant that is discharged upon starting up.
  • Lubricant that becomes contaminated with dust particles, pollutants, or other incompatible grease or oil is a major cause of bearing malfunction, so keep it clean.
  • Over time, any lubricant is going to deteriorate through usage. The bearing manufacturer can inform you on how often lubricant should be replaced.
  • Maintenance technicians should be trained not just on installing the bearings, but on the lubrication process as well.

Final Thoughts
We understand that operating heavy equipment and complex machinery is a big job. LH Travis is here to make that job just a little bit easier by supplying your company with all of the components needed for the proper lubrication of your machines. Don’t leave the lubrication process to chance – let LH Travis get you what you need.