You don’t have to sacrifice quality or efficiency to make an environmentally friendly lubricant choice for your equipment.

In practically every industry, environmental responsibility is becoming more and more important. LH Travis supports this move toward good ecological stewardship and we encourage our clients to look for lubrication solutions with the lowest environmental impact. Here’s how you can make more environmentally friendly lubrication choices for your company.

Every Drop Matters
As a lubrication system specialist, LH Travis takes a special interest in the effects of lubricants on the environment. We know that a little oil can go a long way and have a huge, detrimental impact on wildlife. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to make environmentally sound lubricant choices without sacrificing functionality, quality, or economy. This begins with evaluating what type of lubricant is most suitable for equipment needs. The right lubricant should have a longer lubricant life while reducing machine wear and power losses.

When choosing a lubricant, look for information on environmental factors, such as if the product is made from renewable resources, if it is biodegradable, its ecotoxicity, and how much energy is expended in producing it. If this information is not readily available, that may be a red flag. 

The equipment requiring the lubricant should be checked for hot spots and compromised seals that could cause unnecessary stress on or loss of the lubricant. Breathers and filters should be adequately maintained to remove particulates.

During use, proper lubricant condition monitoring will help extend the product’s lifecycle. Ensure that the right lubricant is in place and not contaminated with other fluids. Oil testing can catch a problem early, making it possible to purify or supplement the lubricant before damage occurs.

Once the lubricant has served its purpose and needs to be changed out for fresh product, determine whether the used oil or grease can be reused in other applications either on-site or by another company in the area. Many lubricants can be applied to a less-demanding situation after initial use.

Caring Counts
LH Travis is committed to safety, quality, and efficiency, so when you purchase lubrication system equipment through us, we’ll give you all the information necessary to make the best choice for your company.