Often, a little extra investment up front will save you a lot more money in the long run.

Cutting corners can cost you more money in the long run, and this is true when it comes to industrial lubrication. Using the cheapest oil or grease you can find might seem economical, but when the machine starts to malfunction and demands immediate attention, you could lose more than you saved in downtime and repair costs. LH Travis urges you to invest the right time and money into your lubrication systems to ensure the best possible performance from your equipment.

Paying Dollars to Save Cents
Some of the problems we see at LH Travis that are associated with cheap, low-quality lubricants are that it breaks down under pressure, runs out in high temperatures, and washes away easily. This results in daily maintenance procedures to relubricate, and additional stress on machinery.

A high-performance lubricant may cost more, but it’s intended to lubricate and protect simultaneously. There are lubricants that are multifunctional and can replace multiple lubricants in your cabinet. Take a look at your supply of lubricants right now. How many could be replaced with a higher quality, multipurpose product? How many have you not even used in the last six months? 

The manufacturer of your machinery probably made a lubricant recommendation in the equipment manual, but if they didn’t, or if that product is no longer available, you can always call LH Travis for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your setup and let you know what the best product for your equipment is.

When you decide to switch products, do a test run with one new product at a time on just one line or machine. Keep track of maintenance, downtime, and bearing replacements. This information should make it evident whether the product is more efficient than what it’s replacing.

Get Your Money’s Worth
When you consult with LH Travis for lubrication system recommendations, you will get an accurate assessment of your equipment’s needs. We’re not going to try to sell you products you don’t need or cheap products that don’t work. Customer satisfaction is our priority.