At LH Travis, we answer a lot of questions from our customers about how to make sure their lubrication systems are up to par. It’s a frustrating fact that a lot of times industrial equipment manuals include just the sparsest information about the best procedures and products for maintaining proper lubrication of the machinery. That’s why we have a suggestion for any company that uses heavy machinery: Create an internal lubrication standards manual.

A Living Document

You might be surprised by how often the maintenance and lubrication processes will vary at different facilities run by the same company, or even by the differences within one facility depending on who is performing the duties that day. This simply is not an effective strategy for achieving maximum efficiency from your equipment.

The best thing you can do to create consistency is to put the process in writing. Draft a living document that can be updated as necessary to reflect the tried and tested methods that work best for your facility. Include the details of what needs lubrication, how often, exactly what type of oil or grease is used, and in what quantity. It’s a good idea to also note who is responsible for conducting the procedure.

Once you have this document created, refer to it regularly. Use it to conduct audits at regular intervals to ensure that the process is being adhered to. If it is found that some part of the process has been tweaked with good results, record that in the document and incorporate it into the standard procedure.

Save a digital copy of this internal manual you’ve created, and make a hard copy accessible to the techs who would need it. Now when you call LH Travis with a question or concern, you’ll have a handy guide to explain exactly what process you’ve been using.

We’ve Got Your Back

If you need assistance putting together this type of manual, you are welcome to reach out to us at LH Travis and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process. We can even come out and inspect your systems to make recommendations for improvements if necessary. You can reach us at 1-800-628-7481.