We expect a lot from our equipment, and LH Travis specializes in keeping your machines running smoothly with proper lubrication systems. If you have equipment that frequently breaks down and is generally unreliable, it could be a problem with the lubricant or the lubrication system that you’re using for it.

Keep It Copacetic

The professional technicians at LH Travis know the value of reliable machinery in the industrial world. That’s why we always recommend keeping up with good maintenance practices and using appropriate lubrication systems and products to protect your equipment.

While improper lubrication is the easy explanation for frequent machine failure, the story doesn’t begin and end there. Using the wrong type of lubricant, or a degraded product, can create conditions that increase wear and tear on mechanical parts. Metal components may succumb to oxidation and rust, leading to more problems. 

The increased oxidation rate can cause an increased presence of acid within equipment mechanisms. This can cause corrosion. Using a lubricant with additives that are incompatible with metals in the machine can also result in corrosion. 

Contaminants in oil or grease can result in metal fatigue by constantly rubbing against parts until brittleness sets in and something snaps. Particles contaminating lubricant can also cause surface fatigue, which is when a machine surface becomes scarred and pitted by material or dirt rubbing against it all the time. This will also culminate in breakage and machine failure.

An Ounce of Prevention

Many of these undesirable situations can be avoided simply by having the experts at LH Travis visit your operation for a consultation. Our techs will take a close look at your equipment to inspect its current condition and make recommendations for improved lubrication and maintenance processes where appropriate. We don’t want to sell you equipment you don’t need – we want you to get what you need to keep what you have operating efficiently.