SKF Lincoln is one of the top brands in industrial lubrication that LH Travis is proud to offer our customers. For more than a century, they’ve been leading the way in innovations to advance the technology used in a wide range of industries. Since 1907, SKF has focused on the development, design, and manufacture of bearings, seals, and lubrication systems. Recently, they’ve debuted a new dual-piston grease gun to make manual lubrication easier than ever.

New Dual-Piston Grease Gun
The new dual-piston lever-action grease gun (Model 1154) from SKF Lincoln makes manual lubrication tasks much easier for maintenance crews. The primary improvement on this piece of equipment is the thumb-operated switch that makes it easy to toggle between standard use and high-volume and high-pressure applications. This means it can handle a wider range of lubrication points, including clogged fittings.

This grease gun is a great addition to any construction or agricultural toolkit. These are two of the toughest working environments, and it’s nearly impossible to avoid dirt and contamination in machinery. The new grease gun from SKF can handle the volume and pressure of lubricant needed to clear blockages.

The 1154 grease gun has a standard grease output of 34 strokes/oz., and develops 10,000 psi when the high-pressure mode is engaged. For high-volume applications, this model requires far fewer strokes than any standard grease gun currently available. The adaptability of the new grease gun greatly improves the efficiency of lubrication tasks in any work environment.

This versatile grease gun is on the market already in North America and will be available worldwide by the end of the year. As a certified dealer of SKF Lincoln products, LH Travis is your local source for reliable, high-quality lubrication equipment.

LH Travis is Your Source for Great Grease Guns
No matter what kind of lubrication equipment you need on your jobsite, LH Travis has you covered. We work with the leading brands in the industry, including SKF Lincoln, so you can count on the products we provide being top quality.