Lubrication is a critical consideration in any industry that uses machinery. LH Travis has been providing vital equipment and products to an array of industries throughout Central Florida since 1962. While many things have changed over the years, the fact that moving parts need proper lubrication really hasn’t.

Industries That Rely on Proper Lubrication
If you work with machines, then you probably already know how important the right lubricant is. Lubricants reduce friction and temperatures in machinery, while also lessening the degree of wear and tear on parts.

  • Construction. Construction sites aren’t exactly clean. Good lubricants help keep contaminants out of sensitive equipment, thereby improving productivity by protecting machines.
  • Transportation. Any commercial vehicle needs to be functional, or the company is losing money. When schedules are tight, you can’t afford downtime due to improper lubrication of an engine.
  • Industry. Whether it’s a manufacturing facility or a power plant, bearing failures can spell disaster for the whole supply chain. Keep dirt, dust, and moisture out of bushings by ensuring the right amount of the right lubricant is applied at the right times.
  • Food and beverage production. Facilities that produce edible goods must take special precautions with their lubricant needs. The machines still need proper lubrication, but the products need to be approved for use around food and beverages.
  • Agriculture. Farmers work hard to make sure we all have food on our tables, so when their equipment goes down, the losses can be catastrophic. Automatic lubrication systems installed by LH Travis help increase productivity on farms while improving safety and housekeeping as well.
  • Railroad. The right lubrication on rail lines can help reduce noise emissions, contamination, and maintenance costs while improving safety. A good automatic lubrication system can even deliver lubricant where it’s needed while the train is in motion.

LH Travis Covers It All
No matter what industry you’re in, LH Travis can supply your company with the right lubrication systems and products to help you improve productivity and decrease downtime caused by bearing failure. Work smarter with LH Travis!