When it comes to keeping your heavy machinery in good working order, having a good lubrication program is integral to high performance levels. This means you must make sure you are using the right kind of lubricant in an appropriate delivery system. LH Travis sells a number of different types of systems for automatic lubrication of industrial equipment, so you can be sure that you get the right delivery methods for your needs.

Types of Automatic Lubrication Systems

There are a few distinct styles of automatic lubrication systems sold here at LH Travis, so let’s take a look at what they are.

  • Single-Point Lubricators. These types of systems are easy to install and don’t cost a ton of cash. You just screw it onto the lube point and set the operation time to start it. They can be spring-activated, motor-driven, or gas activated. Single-point lubricators are not terribly difficult to manage, but your technician needs to be knowledgeable with these devices so as not to destroy them.
  • Progressive Systems. Hydraulically driven spools feed grease sequentially from multiple dispensing elements throughout a progressive divider. Often, these systems utilize a primary divider and several secondary dividers.
  • Single-Line Parallel Systems. These systems are great for grease and oil lubrication and are easy to operate and maintain. The injectors are easily adjustable to provide the appropriate amount of lubrication needed.
  • Dual-Line Systems. Most heavy processes use dual-line lubrication systems because of their ease of use and reliability. Two main lines are utilized for lubrication in a pressurized system.

LH Travis can answer any questions that you may have about automatic lubrication systems.

LH Travis Keeps You Running Smoothly

No matter what industry you are in, from agriculture to transportation and more, LH Travis can help your company improve productivity with the latest technology in automatic lubrication systems. Just give us a call at 1-800-628-7481 to schedule an on-site inspection to learn exactly how our systems can give your business a boost.